A recent article from www.educationworld.com discusses the increase in school lawsuits filed by parents, with an estimated 60% of principles stating that they have been threatened by legal matters. This difficulty stems from parents and students feeling as though schools are not for them, but against them. In the ongoing research regarding student injury and school liability, this subject again begs the important question of how school can anticipate and resolve these problems. Schools must be continually keeping student safety at the forefront, and one way to do this is by offering GAP medical insurance to all students, athletes, and staff.

At Team Assure, we have worked with a number of schools facing legal action due to student injury, and we have the experience and expertise to guide schools after an accident. We will work alongside schools to file claims, address issues, and process paperwork in a responsive, timely manner. Our newly updated website allows for online submission, so please feel free to look around at the changes we’ve made, or call us today at 334.356.3928.

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