Every year, millions of teenagers participate in Jr. High and High School sports. An injury to a Jr. High or High School athlete can be a significant disappointment for the teen, his/her family, and the coaches and team. The pressure to play while hurt can lead to additional injury sometimes with long-term effects.

When a sports injury occurs, it is important to quickly seek proper treatment. To ensure the best possible recovery, everyone involved must follow safe guidelines provided to them by their State Athletic Associations and School Districts for returning to the game. In addition to these guidelines, many schools are choosing to provide accident insurance for all students and staff, like Zero Deductible Medical GAP Insurance Plans from Team Assure. We’re local, fast, and responsive so you can have peace of mind that your student athletes are protected. And when they’re protected, you’re protected.

For more information on how we might help your School District or school with a Zero Deductible Accident Medical GAP Plan that’s custom fit for you, please contact one of our representatives toll free at 888-636-7272, or info@teamassure.net.